Electric Hot Water Cylinder

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Electric water heating is an efficient method of heating water directly with electric immersion that are in direct contact with the water, reducing energy losses than can be experienced from pipework, and circulating pumps.

If you have an off-peak electricity supply it allows the water to be heated during the evening or early morning providing a full tank of hot water ready for each day. The use of a booster immersion allows additional water to be heated during periods where water demands exceed the normal daily usage so that extra baths or showers can be catered for.

THS Heat have the perfect solution for your hot water, especially If you are using electric radiators as your central heating system,or have another source or just want electric heated water. THSHeat can provide with an electrorad hot water cylinder for your domestic water for sinks, showers and baths.

Electric Cylinder for  heating your domestic water for sinks, showers and baths

Advantages of the Electric cylinder:

  • Unique, integrated and factory fitted expansion solution and control valve.
  • Superior heat up & recovery times and suitable for off-peak tariffs.
  • Laser welded Duplex steel, ECO Foam insulation and 25 year guarantee.
  • Very low heat loss meaning very low energy usage.
  • Low running costs
  • Mains pressure hot water
  • Hot water always available