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We are pleased to offer you a choice of Technical Home Services Ltd Contracts: Man Boiler Broag

Technical Home Services Ltd ensures that appliances are fully serviced, maintained and breakdown back up is available when required.

Efficiency is improved when appliances are serviced. It also improves the reliability and means there is less likelihood of a breakdown, enabling them to be put right quickly and safely in operation so as to ensure its safe functioning.

Fully operational office management system we will remind you every year for servicing of your appliances once a THS Heat customer

Service Technical Repairs and Servicing


Annual Central Heating Contracts, keeping it simple.


Gas Boiler Service Contracts

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Analysis from a recent consumer report

“You’ll probably save money if you pay for services and repairs as you go along, rather than take out a boiler servicing contract – where you pay a monthly fee that also covers repairs. Our analysis shows that for more than nine out of ten Which? members this was more expensive than paying for one-offs. Which? members pay an average of £72 for a one-off boiler service.”

THSHeat Service Only 

  •         Boiler Service £70.00 inc Vat
  •          Warm Air Boiler Service £70.00 (water heater extra)           
  •         Fire Service £68.00 inc Vat

*If you have another gas appliance to be serviced at the same time, the cost of the second appliance is reduced to £50.00 (boilers can not be the second appliance unless there are two boilers on site)*

THSHeat Breakdown & Repair Charges

Diagnosis & repair

  •         1st hour £74.00 inc Vat
  •         Follow on time per hour £50.00 inc Vat 
  •         Parts & return visits extra 

Gas Boiler Service Contracts

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Landlords: Please e-mail or ring with your requirements.

University & College lettings, domestic lettings, Holiday homes, mobile homes, etc

At THSHeat we prefer to service boilers when the landlord gas safety certificate is carried out, this is so we can check the integrity of the boiler and provide preventative maintenance.



For Information email

Manufactures & Business Customers contact  andy.smith@thsheat.comTel: 01524 720030 – 38 Lancaster Rd, Carnforth

Domestic, Manufactures & Business  Customers contact – Tel: 01524720030 – 38 Lancaster Rd, Carnforth

NG – Natural Gas & LPG – Liquid Petroleum Gas

Management Operations

THSHeat operate a online is a software package designed for service, Heating, Gas and Electrical engineers.
At its core it will allow our business to store your customers information on a database, helping us to manage yearly service reminders and manage your customer history.We manage Gas Safety Certificates, Manage your engineers diary or improve the way you communicate with engineers with mobile systems we can tailor a system to meet your needs.


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