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The Smart Way to Control your Heating

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Evohome Honeywell App

Zone the whole house and hot water

Set the temperature in any room in your home with your fingertips, schedule your heating to come on and off, and control your hot water form your home or anywhere you may be……..

More Comfort & Energy Savings

Evohome central controller

evohome lets you simply and effectively have more control, room by room.

You can create your own heating schedule that reflects your lifestyle and the way you use your home. And you can create zones in your home that you can control as one area.

evohome lets you control your heating via your smartphone or tablet for complete efficiency and comfort.

In most cases:

hr92No major pipework alterations

No lifting floorboards .

System configuration designed by THSHeat,

Wiring to existing boiler and controls altered by THSHeat

Independent control of rooms by touch screen display and remote access.

 hr92 evohome controller

Honeywell Evohome 
Evohome is the most expensive smart heating service but far superior in its design and quality professionally installed by THSHeat.
Can be installed with or without a combi boiler,with a combi boiler its means no hot water control was needed,with a hot water cylinder hot water controll provided,you can install heating tones(electronic thermostic valves) in all rooms(kitchen, living room, hallway, beddrooms etc ). or you can add zones over time, but a complete system can be expensive but well worth it

The good news is both the TRVs and its dedicated controller look the part. The TRVs replace the temperature control on your radiators (assuming you have these,if not can be installed) and clearly display the local temperature, battery, sync status and a minimalist twist dial lets you manually adjust the temperature of the radiator to which they are connected. Build quality excellent.

Honeywell argues the best heat savings come from efficiently managing the temperatures of the areas of the home you use when you need them. For example: cutting just the bedroom temperatures in the day if you work from home, the whole house while you are away or the kitchen while you cook. Evohome is about adapting to your lifestyle rather than switching the heating for the whole house up or down Read more at

Honeywell Evohome – Features
Evohome,  controller, Remote Access Gateway and TRVs all come together.Heatmiser ,

The evohome controller is well designed. In fact the smart thermostat control unit use’s both a touchscreen and colour panel. This evohome controller feels great easy to use really well thought out and does away with the need for buttons altogether. A nice touch is the controller has swappable front covers and with white, black and silver available there should be something to suit most houses

Evohome App THS

Evohome App

The third part of the combo is the Remote Access Gateway which connects to your router and wirelessly communicates with the controller. Unlike the Tado system it cannot take its powerfrom a USB port which on the router which is not a realy good idea, it must be either plugged into a wall socket again or what we do at thsheat is wire in to wiring so no wires showing.

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