Investing in the latest technology

Investing in the latest technology

The most effective way to order parts is to equip field service technicians with the information they need, with all of the necessary part diagrams, service manuals and installation instructions. Then the Engineers & Technicians are more likely to get the job done right first time, an excellent learning tool to help engineers diagnose faults and understand how components work.

The solution is to implement handheld devices with the technical content of a full range of products.  Engineers & Techniciansno longer need the use of paper manuals.  computer and pda

Service teams have a requirement for thousands of pages of part diagrams,  service manuals,  procedural guidelines and safety bulletins.

This equipment fits all of this information into the hands of the people who need access to it, for example; over 100,000 pages of information can be stored and accessed on a Pocket PC (that would weigh a staggering half a tonne in paper form).

Features include:

  • Exploded part diagrams viewed on-screen.
  • Hotspots on the diagram link to the relevant item on the part list and vice-versa.
  • Full details of the part can be viewed, with the correct manufacturer’s part name and number.
  • Parts display


  • It is simple to pan around the diagram using the Pocket PC’s stylus.
  • Zoom in or out to view complex diagrams.
  • Use the pan window feature to move around large diagrams.
  • Carry out text searches for specific part names or numbers. This then links to the relevant place in the diagram.

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THSHeat Office & Engineer state of the art management systems

THSHeat operate a online is a software package designed for service, Heating, Gas and Electrical engineers.
At its core it will allow our business to store your customers information on a database, helping us to manage yearly service reminders and manage your customer history.We manage Gas Safety Certificates, Manage your engineers diary or improve the way you communicate with engineers with mobile systems we can tailor a system to meet your needs.

commusoft ths systems

Keep a detailed customer database

Store all your customer information.
Keep records of Estate Agents and Contract Customers.
commusoft thsStore Tenant addresses.
Record multiple contact numbers including work, mobile and fax.
Keep detailed notes reminding you about previous problems you’ve had with that customer.
Record Customer Appliance Details

Keep detailed records of appliances installed at each property.
Store appliance serial number, ventilation number (if it’s an old boiler) and gas council number.
Keep a record of the warranty expiry date for all appliances.
Keep a history of the condition of each appliance.

Engineers can view diary information on the move.
Push-Technology allows jobs and other changes to appear almost immediate
Secure connection to information.
Engineers only have the latest most up-to-date information.
Job board shows office staff progress of each job.
Engineers can accept or reject jobs.
Keep a record of when engineers start to travel to their next job.
Keep a log of when engineers arrive and leave a customer’s property.
Take customer’s signature when leaving site.
Engineer can enter detailed job feedback.

Engineers – View information from the field


Mobile systems

Job details and address information.
create telephone numbers.
create new appliance details.
specific customer notes.
previous visit history.
customer job history.
Create electronic Gas Safety Certificates (CP12) while on site.
Capture customer and engineer signatures.
Office staff can instantly see, print or email certificates once completed.
Email certificates from the field.

Holiday Homes – Rented Accommodation

Lake District – Lune Valley – Fylde
Technical Home Services or known as thsheat, cover all areas in service-repair-installation of gas appliances both natural gas & LPG,looking after many holiday homes cottages, student accommodation and other rented accommodation. Many landords & Landladies work with us direct to achieve a qaulity service. THSHeat engineers are Gas Safe certified but properly trained and experienced engineers. We have proffesionally a managed operations sytem and staff.

Service – Repair  in the South Lakes – Lune Valley – Fylde

Professional & Managed Service & Repair, Landlord schemes if available.

Electronic data management facilties keeping records upto date , Landlords gas safe information & certificates can be sent electronically to owners.

Houses in Multiple Occupation
Arrange for annual gas safety checks to be carried out by a thsheat Gas Safe registered engineer. If you need to have a new gas appliance we can also help.
The potential hazards of gas and products of combustion, landlords have obligations to provide good practice with regard to gas installations.

Gas Consumption
Tenants using huge amount of gas (and the landlord pays for fuel). What can I do???
Where they use gas quite sparingly and the houses frankly are modern and well insulted Give thsheat a call we will review the system. THSheat can also install remote control thermostats so that the ladlord has control as well then you can see what the tempreture is in the house and what the tenant g=has swet the thermostat to and timing through the day.

Optional Upgrades
Control your central heating from anywhere in the world!!

Specialised Heating Controls. Improving heating efficiency in your home and helping to wards frost prevention. Potentially saving energy and helping the environment.

Control Elements:
Preventative measure against frost
Reduced energy costs
Heating temperature can be decreased, increased or turned offnest app 2
Heating and Hot Water can be turned off

With you remote control thsheat can install Carbon Monaxide Smoke Alarms that can be controlled from anywhere ,alerts also given by apps or email etc

THSHeat Safety:

Carbon Monoxide Smoke Alarms
Carbon Monoxide Smoke Alarms from thsheat controlled remotely

We provide installation services for all  these and in the event of either the smoke or carbon monoxide alarm going off  the boiler turn off . We can install several alarms on one system etc.

Carbon Monaxide Smoke Alarm App
CO & Smoke Alarm app, checking for safety from anywhere in the world from thsheat

Liquid Petroleum Gas
Liquid Petrolium Gas has been used as an alternative to mains gas for over 65 years. It is popular in over 150,000 homes across the UK, THSHeat Engineers are qualified and registered with Gas Safe to service and repair