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Information for Landlord Gas Safety Inspections

Landlords must ensure that any gas appliances (permanent or portable), and gas flues that you own and provide for use by your tenants have regular gas safety checks.

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Gas safety checks are needed by:

Landlords, Housing associations, Local authorities, Hotels and B&B’s, Colleges, Boarding schools & Hostels.

In Holiday homes &  B&B’s, you must arrange an annual gas safety check for any gas appliances serving guest accommodation even if it is sited away from the guest accommodation.

THSHeat provides contract schemes for landlords with servicing, repairs . 

Inspection certificates for the Heating boiler nominated for contract, pipework & cooker thrown in as a discount. Other appliances extra.
Boiler & appliances are serviced so that the internal continuity & integrity of the appliance can be checked and components calibrated. Please be aware in a lot of cases this is not done. 

We provide repair services and diagnose faults. If you are a responsible landlord this is for you. THS Heat can just provide an inspection check, but THSHeat will note down that the appliance has not been serviced.


What is Carbon  monoxide ?

What’s the difference between a safety check and a service?

Landlord Inspections & Services

Annual safety check including certificate  (no appliance serviced)

Annual safety check, one nominated appliance to be serviced including certificate.

Annual safety check, three nominated appliances to be serviced including certificate

Electronic Data ( CP12)

THSHeat have invested in a modular software system designed to meet the requirements of our service based company and our mobile technical engineer workforce.

Data such as work sheets, certificates, client signatures and timesheets can be captured thus eradicating paperwork. With the use of E-mail, THSHeat can send the Client/Landlord (if required that day) job details & the landlords certificate CP12.

Many Landlords confuse appliance servicing with annual safety checks. They are not the same. A Gas Safety Check is similar to a car MOT, whereby the basic safety of the appliance is checked, it does not by itself ensure the long term safe operation and efficiency of the appliance. Having an appliance safety checked each year does not satisfy the legal duties placed on Landlords and Landlords must also have appliances routinely serviced.

If an appliance is serviced, this is like having your car serviced. It improves its efficiency, it improves the reliability and means there is less likelihood of a breakdown. It also spots other faults with the appliance that may not be picked up during a Gas Safety Check, enabling them to be put right quickly and safely.

We would strongly urge all Landlords to have their gas appliances serviced at the same time that a safety check is carried out.

THSHeat always service appliances.

Electrical Inspections also undertaken; please ask for specification.when landlord inspections are undertaken; please ask for specification.

THSHeat provide choices and solutions for your requirements.

Specialised Heating Controls. Improving heating efficiency in your home and helping to wards frost prevention. Potentially saving energy and helping the environment.

Control Elements: 

  • Preventative measure against frost
  • Reduced energy costs
  • Heating and Hot Water ccontrol
  • Power Failure notifications
  • Warning Alarms and Surveillance
Please be aware of rogue trades people. It is not good enough to just hand out a certificate to say all is satisfactory.
All inspections, defects and actions are recoreded and our engineers will offer you solutions to resolve issues.We are responsible for ensuring that your nominated appliances in your house are safe to use. Under the Gas Safety (installations and use) Regulations 1998, we must: ensure that we only use City & Guilds Engineers & Gas Safe qualified and registered persons to carry out work on gas fittings and not permit a gas appliance to be used if we suspect it to be unsafe or inadequately ventilated. 

THSHeat are professional trained technical engineers and gas safe registered but more importantly, City & Guild Manufacturer trained.

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