Link Up & Eco Management.


THSHeat & The Link Up & Eco Management System

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Link Up Alternative Energy  (Renewable is the bus word, Alternative is the correct term)

With the continuing and soaring costs of oil and other heating fuels, we are constantly being asked about linking automatic fuel boiler systems to wood burning in order to manage running costs.A linked system allows you to join a wood boiler stove in to an existing heating system.THS Heat specialise is this area, please give our office & Showroom a ring today Andy Smith will advise


THSHeat advise in the integration of alternative fuel and original fuelled systems with latest manifold & control technology. THS Heat design, supply and provide installation services. We use the latest technology available, the ultimate in zoning technology and temperature control with integrated electronic central wiring unit.


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The THSheat Link up system

Types of heating technology that can be linked providing designed correctly, Solid fuel, multi-fuel boiler stoves,Wood boiler stoves, Pellet boiler stoves, Gas boiler, LPG boilers, Oil boilers & Esse Cooker Boilers etc.

What is Link Up

  • Increased efficiency of your wood boiler stove.
  • Easy automation and refinement of when each heating device kicks in.
  • Lets you automatically control whether you want hot water only, heating or both.
  • Increased efficiency of heating system and hot water.
  • A linked system can allow you to use solar panels to provide hot water in the summer months and then switch over to wood / gas combination when it get’s colder.
  • A linked system gives you the added flexibility of a backup heating system – if your wood heating is not providing enough heat then the backup gas or oil boiler kicks in.

A linked heating system (also known as link-up) is one where multiple heat sources are combined. Linked systems can be very flexible and can allow you to take advantage of seasonal differences in available power. For example a linked system allows you to use solar thermal panels in the warm months to provide hot water (when you do not need your heating on), but then switch over to a wood boiler stove to provide heating and hot water in the colder months when solar radiation is less.

 A linked system is also ideal if you want to reduce your gas or oil consumption as it allows you to link in (for example) a wood boiler stove. When the wood boiler stove is going your gas/oil boiler will have less work to do and consequently you will use less gas/oil.

Creating a linked system is what you have to do if you would like to retrofit a boiler stove to an exsiting heating system. You may choose a wood boiler,multifuelboiler,solid fuelboiler,pellet boiler,boiler stove to simply supplement the heat from your current boiler, or you might consider a high output boiler stove that can provide for all your heating and hot water needs when it is lit.

  A linked system allows you to have several heating appliances all providing heat for your house as needed. For example you might want to have a stove with a boiler providing hot water and powering your radiators, with a condensing gas boiler to top up the heat if needed and to provide hot water in the summer.

 THSHeat & The Link Up & Eco Management System

Link Up your Boiler Stove to your Central Heating.

Many homes today, have a boiler in the kitchen supplying hot water and radiators to provide Central Heating. The concept of Link-Up allows customers to use the heat from a solid fuel Stove fitted with a boiler to supply hot water and/or radiators in conjunction with an alternative heating appliance to give maximum flexibility.

Link Up Information

Linking solid fuel (mineral fuel or wood) to either gas, oil or another solid fuel appliance with an open vented Central Heating System. These methods can be applied using latest technology available to a sealed system, combi or condensing boilers which operate with pressurised systems, this not for the faint heart, but THSHeat Engineers specialise in this area.

How Link-Up works

• An open fire, room heater,boiler or free standing boiler stove,  back-boiler inset stove,pellet stove boiler,all can be linked to an existing or new Central Heating system.

• The existing Central Heating boiler continues to service the system as and when required.

• The hot water and central heating radiators and are provided for via the link up

THSHeat will advise on design the system

Room thermostats and cylinder thermostats used with an electronic system.

Link Up Technical Details

Link Up can be achieved in a number of different ways and the method chosen will depend on your existing system, Thsheat will design the system to operate with orginal system and increase efficiency

THSHeat  method of Link Up is very important to ensure the solid fuel appliance is un restricted and  further increase safety by designing the system to reduce the possibility of boiling in the event of a power or pump failure,

Latest Link Up Technology

Link Up is designed using the latest manifold technology and electronic management control systems additional benefit is the Link Up is effective and saves on fuel costs with an existing system

Flexible heating

The real advantage of Link Up is its flexibility. Whilst you are enjoying the comfort of your solid fuel stove, it can automatically take over all or part of the heating load to conserve your consumption of alternative fuels. When you are not using the fire, the central heating operates as normal .