ESSE 350 GREENSWITCH Inset Boiler Stove 

With contemporary black door

 OFFER: £750.00

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The 350 greenswitch is a room-heating stove allowing 3.6kw to room with 11.1kw  thermostatic boiler to water (around 11 Radiators)

The stove gives a modest 3.6kw to the room and a generous 11.1kw to water.

It fits into a standard fireplace, however, a depth of 364mm must be created to allow for it’s larger capacity firebox. The 350 is equipped with a control to adjust the air glow to maintain the most efficient combustion whatever the choice of fuel, and the riddling grate for use with minimal fuel. The front section is removable to assist plumbing.

Esse Inset Greenswitch Boiler Stove


Efficiency: 78.5%

Output: 3.6kw for Room and 11.1kw for water

Flue Pipe Diameter: 6″

Clearance to combustibles: 150mm sides, 400m top and 250mm front

Esse Greenswitch Boiler Stove

Esse inset boiler stove dimensions


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