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nest learning thermostat leafNest thermostat and programmer in one.

The Nest Thermostat replaces your programmer so you can control heating from one place. Instead of turning off the boiler for long periods, you’ll add very low temperatures to your schedule. That will save energy while keeping your family—and your pipes—safe in extreme weather.

Teach it well.

Turn the heat down when you leave, up when you come home, down at night. Within a week, your Nest Thermostat learns the temperatures you like and creates a personalised schedule for your home.
Want to edit your schedule? Every day can be different. Whether you set it to 20.5° at 19:00 or 20° at 19:15, the Nest Thermostat will listen and keep on learning.
The Nest leaf appears when you’re saving energy, Changing the temperature just 1° can cut your energy use up to 10%.


Nest on the go.

Once the Nest Thermostat is connected to Wi-Fi, you can use the Nest app to control it from a phone or tablet. Getting in early? Change the temperature before you get home.

Stuck at work? Log into to edit your thermostat’s schedule, adjust settings, or check how much heatnest app you used yesterday.

Access Nest from anywhere

How Auto-Schedule works

After your Nest Learning Thermostat has been installed, it will default to a temperature of 20ºC for heating and 24ºC for cooling. The Nest Thermostat will hold these defaults until you change the temperature. The first day, the Nest Thermostat will hold the temperature you choose unless you change it, just like a regular manual thermostat.nest learning thermostat stand

After midnight, the Nest Thermostat will add the changes you made the first day to your schedule. So if you installed your Nest Thermostat at 5pm in the afternoon, turned the heat on to 21ºC and then turned it down to 20ºC before bed at 9pm, the next day your Nest Thermostat will change the temperature to 21ºC at 5pm and 20ºC at 9pm.

No matter what, when you change the temperature, the Nest Thermostat will keep that temperature until the next scheduled temperature change – or until you manually change it again with the thermostat ring or with the Nest app. After a few days, your Nest Thermostat will have learned your basic personal schedule. nest learning thermostatYou’ll have taught it what temperatures you like when you wake up, when you go to work, when you relax around the house.nest learning Auto-Schedule adjust the temperatures

Once the Nest Thermostat has learned your basic schedule, it will learn from a pattern of similar changes, the more similar changes you make, the more quickly the change will be made to your schedule.
Nest Thermostat learns weekdays and weekend days differently, knowing that your schedule on Saturday or Sunday is likely to be different than your schedule during the week. So similar changes on Saturday will only affect Saturdays, but make a similar change on Saturday and Sunday, and your thermostat will learn that this change applies to both weekend days

Know more, save more.smartphone

Now you can see exactly when Nest was on in your home. Turn the temperature down from 21° to 20°, then check Energy History the next day. You’ll see how much energy you saved and why.

If required Multiple thermostats can be installed subject to survey & design

Referance & demonstrations

1.  THSHeat office & Showroom for demonstrations.

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 THSHeat Heating Engineers & Technicians: Certified by Nest

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