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Solid Fuel Boiler Stove is the traditional option, and is still the most commonly found heating system on board most narrow boats and small mobile homes. They run on coal, or wood if there is a shortage of supply, and have been in use since the working boat days, so they must be doing something right! Easy to install and to operate, and never having the trouble of break downs, it is easy to see why they’re popular.

Canal Boats
1.Stratford Boiler Stove (Built wrap around boiler)

This will give you the option of hot water and a few radiators

7kw Output usually around 2.5kw to hot water and 4.5 to rads just right for a canal boat if you require a couple of radiators

Stratford EB7

Straford Boiler Stove for small places

Burns wood or coal

Stratford EB7
EB7 HE Small Boiler Stove

Rear flue connection only

Compact and space saving

Easy Boost fast acting thermostat