Small Business Office & Shops Remote Controlled Heating

Small Business , retail shops, offices , office sheds etc

Do you have a business, small shop or office and no heat ?

Do you have a business, small shop, or an office with heat,

                                                                          but not controllable ?

Is it cold in the office ,shop, shed, when arriving for work in the morning?

Wouldn’t it  be great if before setting off to work you could pick up your smart phone or ipad to see the offic2kw electric heaters & neo remote controle/shop temperature, then by going into  your app you could turn the heating up so its warm when you arrive ? You would also have peace of mind knowing the  control system is controlling the appliances, keeping a stable temperature and saving money

If you have no heat THSheat can install simple electric heaters or fanned gas heaters that can be controlled thermostatically and remotely thus saving energy and money.

At thsheat we can design remote control systems that can be controlled from anywhere for homes, business,small shops,holiday homes, mobiles homes ,cottages, from basic control to every room controlled, pop in and see our demonstrations at our  office / showroom in Carnforth…

Case History.

ArtyBird Carnforth.
School For Art and Textiles


The shop and training  area in carnforth had no heat, the customer  did not want to leave heating on all night ,and did not want storage heaters installed  .Had no mains gas, but wanted some kind of heat that could heat the shop and be warm when staff arrived for work in a morning.


Design / Installation

THSHeat installed 2 x 2kw fanned electric heaters to heat the shop and  installed  control system a  programmable thermostatic room thermostat, which can be can be controlled from anywhere.

Neo thermostat

The owner or (staff if the owner wishes) after breakfast picks up her smart phone or tablet , checks the temperature in the shop/place of work finds after reviewing her smartphone or tablet (Home   is around twelve miles away) sees it s only 13 degrees , so before she leaves home turns the heating on and sets the tempreture to 21 degrees so that it will be warm when she arrives at the business later.

smiths-env Sygnet



You could be at the premise, home or in new york to undertake  any of these actions

new york calling Carnforth