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Intelligent smart heating control systems, from Germany, Holland, UK, Italy, Ireland & USA we will give all the expert advice and our all installed by our dedicated Heating Engineers & technicians,review smart controls below

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Heating Control

THS Heat Cover The North West & South Lakes

Please review are remote control selection then pop in for a chat , if you live abroad or elsewhere and you have property in the area we work we can survey design, price,install and give you the control of the heating system once done whether  your local or down south or abroad.

Intelligent Smart Controls:- Various manufactures,please select one of the below to review, then pop into our showroom in Carnforth and have a chat with Andy all on live display with all our other  smart home controls.


Heatmiser Smart Thermostat

Neo Heating / Appliance Control Systems

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Honeywell Smart Control


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Netatmo Smart Control



hr92 evohome controller

Evohome Total Control


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Nest Smart Control



Single Zone Thermostat

Single Zone Smart Control


Tado Stat THSHeat

Tado Smart Control




miGenie smart control

MiGenie Smart Control


Heatmsier Neo w

Heatmiser Smart    Neo Systems

Honeywell Voice Control 4

Honeywell Smart Control Voice Activated



Hive British Gas

 Smart Heating Control Information

THSHeat have on show many types of intelligent control systems, different features, functions and some control only both the heating system itself and hot water or heating only,others work on the smart phone only, some work on smart phone and the PC, this may not seem to be an issue but its a requirement for holiday management companies. Wiring can be an issue , our engineers & technicians and can provide the correct system to suit your daily needs and configure the wiring to suit. THSHeat has invested in all types of systems so that the customer can view and try before a purchase,please review the thsheat web pages for more information, then pop in to our showroom in Carnforth and have a chat with Andy.

THSHeat is offering  customer’s  to have more versatility, save money and energy wherever possible,  we’d like to introduce the ability to turn your heating on or off on the way home from work or even abroad check temperetures in your property or properties, you’ve got one less thing to worry about when you’re not at home. With our remote control system you are able to use internet technology to remotely manage your heating and hot water from anywhere in the world providing your device has a signal.


Introducing Remote Heating Control From Anywhere…

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Installed & maintained by THSHeat

THSHeat Remote Heating Control is available for most households, holiday homes, and landlords. Entry level basic systems one thermostatic timed control for the house to the more advanced systems with independent zone control to either upstairs and downstairs or every room plus hot timed control and override. Wherever you are, whatever you’re up to, control your heating remotely from anywhere !

We can also provide Carbon Monoxide / Smoke Alarm monitoring from where ever you are with certain systems

Please review the menu system on our web page  to see  the companies we work with, all systems are different , all home wiring and heating systems are not the same that’s where THS Heat will find the system that suits you, or suits your business, we provide design & installation.

Nest iphone

nest phone app

Remote Control

You can remotely set schedules for school holidays or the days you’re out at work. The little things make a big difference too. If your plans change, you’re stuck on the plain or a train or you’re working late, your heating will only ever be on when you need it to be. This gives you more control over your heating than ever before.

What’s more, our Remote Heating Control is installed by a professional engineer and will work in unison with your existing heating system.

All you need is an internet browser or a mobile smart phone, I Phone or Android device, IPod or other android pad with a 3G signal or Wi-Fi signal.


The central system can be gas, oil or LPG-powered heating. Please note that unfortunately other companies state that this cannot be configured to electric heating, please stand Fuel chartcorrected it in most cases it can.

Many companies will state comes in a box simple to install not entirely correct, not straight forward to install, THSHeat we will take all those worries away, we install maintain and ensure all works correctly with central heating and communications.


THSHeat provide a Web server hosting facility for different types of systems which allows the system to work, so that you can view, and/or adjust your times of occupation and set point temperatures for your home, via your PC, laptop, tablet, I Pad or smart phone (I Phone or Android).


THSHeat offer a professional service with years of development in getting the communication and correct manufacturer of products,  plenty of devices on the market, this system is professionally installed by engineers and managed, broadband connection required.


Remote Heating Control Basic Security Control & The Elderly

The Nest system we are expecting developments soon, so as well as adding on a smoke and CO alarm , we hope that a security camera that can be added on, great for elderly , a prime example is we can control mothers heating from anywhere in the world if Mother is  cold we can check on the temperature and turn either up or down ,if there is danger fire or fumes in the house we know instantly, are next step is to add a security camera by the door so we can view who is at the door. watch this space……..

Systems work on a remote hosting server and programmable room thermostats can be either wireless & wired, this all provided for and installed by THSHeat.learn more, save more


Ideal for all situations:-

  • Great for holiday homes
  • Landlords who pay the fuel bills,
  • The elderly so the family can control the heating
  • People at work
  • Disabled
  • Small Business offices
  • Small retail shops


Key customer benefits

Customers could save up to 20% on their heating bills (many people do have room thermostats)

Customers can programme and change their heating and hot water settings from wherever they are – at work, on holiday, on the train home

Web dashboard – simple to use online web portal that customers use to take control of their heating & hot water settings – all they need is an Internet connection

A stylish looking touch screen programmable room thermostat, standard settings (Comfort, Standby and Away)


  • Installation by a professional installer with options for homes with a combi boiler or a conventional heating system that has hot water tank / cylinder.
  • You will always be in control of your thermostats.
  • Set the thermostats to warm up an hour before the kids get home from school
  • Save energy by setting your thermostat a few degrees warmer during the summer and a few degrees cooler during the winter
  • Find out if the temperature goes out of range at your home or business
  • Set your schedules for the working week and weekend
  • With our home controls system you are able to use internet technology to remotely manage your heating from anywhere in the world.

Now that’s cool  !

Savings depend upon individual home and heating systems characteristics, lifestyle/occupancy patterns and setup preferences.

Central Control

A comprehensive hot water and heating solution for traditional and modern combination and system boilers  & heating systems system’s with intelligent wired room thermostat

Central Heating monitoring control via thsheat web portal for your smart phone.

We can adapt for different zones in the house, or add zones if required.

More advanced system with similar technology

All our controls can be controlled in house on the programmable thermostat or remotely

THSHeat can offer a more advanced system with zone control and security with e-mail alerts, the alarm system can be turned on or off and clock controlled.

For a more accurate temperature control of the home, thsheat can install independent Zones with programmable thermostats, this is a more advanced system, and each room can be electronically controlled, with its own room temperature control and time scheduling capability.

THSHeat  offer a wide range of top quality types of programmable thermostats, or, alternatively you can use stylish touch screen panels.

THE Elderly & Remote Basic Security Control

We are expecting developments soon, so as well as adding on a smoke and CO alarm ,we will be able to add a security camera, great for elderly , a prime example is we can control mothers heating from anywhere in the world if shes cold we can check on the temperature and turn either up or down, if there is danger fire or fumes in the house we know instantly, are next step is to add a security camera by the door so we can view who is at the door,   watch this space……..


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