Smart Climote Remote Control GSM

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Remote control for your home heating
With climote, you can control your home heating from anywhere. Whatever the weather or wherever you are, you can arrive home to a warm house. Whatever way your day works out, you can reset, boost your heating or even turn on your hot water – from anywhere.

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Control your climote HUB in three different ways When you buy climote, the climote HClimote smart phoneUB will be installed in yourhome and you can download a free APP to enable you to control it remotely from your Smartphone.
At climote, our focus is on service so your climote installer will then give you a full demonstration on how to programme your new climote HUB and how to use the APP, ONLINE & SMS services

Use climote CLOUD on the Internet from home, work or abroad to manage your home heating however you choose. You can just click and drag to set up three different on/off periods per day for all the zones of your home heating

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