Smart Stat

Intelligent smart heating control systems, from Germany, Holland, UK, Italy, Ireland & USA we will give all the expert advice and our all installed by our dedicated Heating Engineers & technicians,review our smart controls pop in for a trial of the controls in our showroom we survey & design if required, supply and install. Contact us 

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The Smart Way to Control your Heating

A thermostat should be easy to use – it should let you control your heating the way you want.

smart wifi stat 2

Smart Stat

Sure, we love SmartPhone Control – after all thsheat were with Heatmiser but before smart controls got off the ground,Heatmiser were one of the first companies in the UK to offer a WiFi Connected Thermostat back in 2011. THSHeat firmly believe that “in the room” control should be available and easy and only when this is perfected should you add SmartPhone Control.

With SmartStat, you decide if you reach for your SmartPhone or use the easy on-screen navigation.

Smart Programming means there are no dual key features and programming is a pleasure not a chore.

Going out, one quick press on the SmartStat enables the Away feature, reducing the temperature in your home. You can of course enable this from your SmartPhone and cancelling Away is just as easy in the SmartStat App.