Gas Wall Heaters & Fires (Balanced flue)


Balanced Flue Fires

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Perfect for today’s modern homes without a chimney, our comprehensive range of balanced flue gas Firecharm BFfires presents both glass-fronted outset and open-fronted inset models to suit your style of décor. Suitable for installation on an outside wall, heat efficiency comes guaranteed.


Wall Heaters
Ideal for taking the chill off any cold spot, our range of balanced flue wall heaters are perfect for heating hallways, landings and conservatories. Vented to the outside, they are extremely heat efficient and also economical to run.

Brazilla Wall Heaters

Gas Wall heaters are an economical way of heating a home without central heating or for providing additional heat in cold areas . Providing clean and economical heat with no drafts, and able to operate independent of a central heating system or boiler, our range of gas wall heaters are quick and easy to install, all that’s required is an outside wall.


Because these heaters have a direct air source they can reach higher temperatures and provide more heat, making them an ideal choice for eliminating those cold spots. All models are suitable for both natural and LP gas, courtesy of an LPG kit.