Warm Air Central Heating

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Warm Air & Wet Central Heating


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   Aquair Warm Air   

THSHeat recommend the altenative answer and the way foorward for the future Aquair Warm Air, no flue required and powered by A Rated Central Heating HE Boiler. Keep your existing warm air but have  instant hot water, and add radiators if required best of both worlds

   Warm Air Central Heating    

Hi-Spec: The highly versatile range of Hi-Spec warm air heaters has been and ideally suited to replace existing heaters or new applications. Gas fired, room sealed downflow air heater, designed for replacing early compact air heaters and upgrading systems, now with the addition of automatic ignition for even greater fuel efficiency.

  • System E-T air modulating control as standard
  • Summer air circulation as standard
  • Piezo ignition as standard
  • Timer control as standard
  • Optional integral water heater
  • Optional Cleanflow electronic air cleaner
  • Circulator Water Heater (internally fitted) optional output 
  • Installation Options : Compartment
Filters & Air Cleaners
When your air heater is operating on maximum load, all of the air within the dwelling passes across the air filter 6 times per hour. This presents the perfect opportunity to electronically clean the air and remove smaller particles such as pollen, mould and cigarette smoke.

The electronic screen is charged and in turn polarises the filter media. Particles are then attraced to and captured within the media pads. Cleanflow will remove 95% of particles down to 1 micron.      filter 1

The Cleanflow principle is simple and highly effective. It works by polarising the filter media and thereby the particles are attracted to it. Any particles that are not caught by the media have no polarised charge, so will not adhere to soft furnishings or walls and will be caught on subsequent passes.

filter 2

The illustration below shows various particles magnified 1000 times. 

johnson starley particles

Johnson Starley Economaire Warm Air Heaters

Designed to meet the high standards of today’s home owners. They have as standard features an Electronic Control system an infinitely variable supply air fan and a self diagnostics panel.
The heart of the design is an electronic panel utilising digital technology and microprocessor control. Critical management of flue gases and heat exchanger temperatures result in the warmth delivered to each room being accurate to ± 0.1°C, ensuring exceptional comfort. As the system directly heats the air, warm up time is virtually immediate, and system efficiency is optimised.

Options include:
• Johnson & Starley Cleanflow electronic air cleaner
• Electronic controls for improved comfort conditions and system efficiency
• Integral water heater
• Range of fixing panels and base ducts

aqua air ducts

 Johnson Starley Aquair HIU Warm Air Heaters
Aquair is a water to air heat exchange unit with a heat output of 10 – 20kW (assuming a hot water supply of 80C is available).
It is supplied as a downflow unit. Modulating control is incorporated. A wire mesh filter is fitted as standard, with a Cleanflow electronic air cleaner being available as an option. The unit requires a supply of hot water at a minimum temperature of 80C. Water connections are left or right handed through knockouts in the sides of the cabinet. The water flow to the unit is controlled by a motorised valve. Air is drawn in through the air filter or air cleaner (if fitted) and the heat exchanger by a centrifugal fan, and is discharged through the opposite end of the unit. An external summer air circulation switch (not provided) provides the facility to supply unheated air to the air outlets during warm weather. An external timer (not provided) will be required if it is necessary to set the periods of operation.

• Air circulation fan with EC technology
• Air filter
• PCB control board
• Hot water return to heat source
• Hot water flow from heat source
• Heat exchanger
• Can fully untilise the existing warm air ducting