Gas Central Heating Boilers – Fire & Water Heater Installation

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Looking for a new gas boiler ?

Our heating engineers are Gas Safe Registered and are extremely competent and professional.

We install a new boiler replacements, we aim to have your heating back on or your hot water running, as quickly as possible.

A boiler installation can vary anywhere from on cost depending on the current system, the size of the property, the number of bathrooms, the existing controls for the heating and hot water, and how efficient you want your system to be.

Boilers & control systems are more efficient and reduce bills further not always by simply changing the boiler

Having the right controls that can talk to the boiler properly can have a large effect on your bills. Ideally, a programmer or thermostat should whether its a smart or standard system

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Central Heating Boiler Replacements

It’s important to ensure your boiler is working as efficiently as possible, and to know the right time to replace it. Modern boilers are a lot more efficient than ones manufactured and installed as recently as ten years ago. Temperature control devices have developed in that time too, meaning you can be far more precise with how you heat each area of your home.

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Power Flushing & Cleansing Central Heating Systems

Prolong the Life of Your Boiler and Maintain Your Boiler Warranty with a Power Flush. Save Money on Fuel Bills, Reduce Repairs and Heating System Breakdowns,
With over 40 years’ working in the central heating industry, we have all the latest equipment, knowledge and experience needed to enable us to thoroughly power flush your central heating system, removing harmful sludge, debris and cold spots which can make your system inefficient, noisy and problematic. We also power flush new installations to remove acidic fluxes left behind at the time of installation.  Central heating filters are used to reduce the amount of damaging debris in your heating system.  Call Us Today!

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Power Flushing & Chemicals

Central Heating System Filters


Gas Fire & Stove Replacements

Standard Gas Fires, He Gas Fires, Balanced Flue Gas Fires , Flue-less Fires with ever increasing cost of gas, manufacturers are always improving their fires to be more efficient. High-efficiency fires offer up to 89% efficiency contact us we visit you rather than you visiting us

Gas Fires



THSHeat have worked hard with manufacturers to provide a dedicated service for installation and after care for our customers. 








Performance – Power – Perfection

THS Heat offer total energy saving solutions to help look after your purse and the environment.

THSHeat provides a package to meet your requirements and the most demanding applications.