Electric Water Heating

Electric Hot Water Cylinders

THS Heat recommend Smart cylinders heated by electric. We have added this brand due to the quality & high efficiency of the product and it compliments our  current quality electric radiator range

When it come to performance ,energy savings and space saving , the benefits of this TANK-IN-TANK system out perform a traditional coil type cylinder in almost every occasion.

The large heat surface area of the TANK-IN-TANK gives exceptional fast recovery and can provide a continuous flow of  hot should it be required

ACV Smart Electric Cylinders

Smart E 130 - 160 ltrs

Multi-position tank. Can be placed on the floor or vertically on the wall.

All Smartline cylinders come complete with an unvented Mains systempak as standard, which includes a Mains Unvented Kit, Domestic Hot Water Mixing Valve, 3kW Immersion heater and 2 Port Valve

Can upgrade to 6kw for fast recorvery

A simple and effective concept delivering outstandingly reliable performance. Fast recovery Tank-in-Tank cylinder. Large heat exchanger surface.
Energy Saving Trust Recommended The hot water tank is made of stainless steel. It constitutes the inner tank of the Tank in Tank water heater, completely immersed in the primary water of the heating circuit. The large heat exchange surface (1.5 to 2.5 times more than that of a traditional coil) enables the tank to heat a large quantity of domestic hot water in a very short time, which reduces the volume of water stored and limits energy losses.

Stainless steel: Stainless steel construction, an area in which ACV specialises, renders the hot water tank exceptionally resistant to corrosion. The Smart is also available in stainless steel Duplex resistant to corrosive water containing up to 2,000 mg of chlorides per litre.

Self-descaling: The corrugated walls vibrate in response to pressure variations and prevent lime scale deposits from sticking which ensures consistent efficiency over time.
Optimal insulation: The Smart is thermally insulated along its entire surface by 50 mm of injected polyurethane insulation.Static heat losses are limited to less than 0.35°C per hour (at a storage temperature of 85°C).

Anti-legionellae: The large heat exchange surface of the tank, which is completely immersed in the primary water, makes it possible to maintain the hot water at a uniform temperature of at least 60°C, thereby preventing the formation of legionellae.The Tank-in-Tank system eliminates the need for anode protection, another potential source of bacterial development.

Low maintenance: Thanks to its stainless steel tank, the Smart water heater requires no protection anode and its self-descaling feature eliminates the need for regular descaling.



  • Warranty Period
  • 1 Year on consumable component parts
    5 Years on the outer steel shell
    25 Years on the inner stainless steel tank
    The warranty period begins on the date of delivery
    The replacement or repair of any parts during the warranty period shall not have the effect of extending it.