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Digi-line radiator controls.

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  1.       Basic Control Operation

2.       The optional central programmer

3.       Central Smart Control ( Wi-Fi )

Importance of thermostatic control

Digi-Line radiators have double proportional band ( PI & PWM ) thermostats to ensure extremely accurate room temperature maintenance. without this feature there is a tendency for going well over and well under the target temperature throughout the heating cycle. This has a large impact on both comfort and economy. Every time the heating system overshoots the target temperature, it has cost you money to raise the room temperature higher than necessary. When the room temperature drops below the target temperature it will cost money to re-raise the temperature back to the target temperature. The Digi-Line thermostat  is  accurate to +/- 0.1°C.


  1. Basic Control Operation

There are some more very special, unique and energy saving features built in to the new electronics. All features do not have to be used but can be activated if required.



  • Energy saving open window feature – this senses when a window has been opened and stops the radiator heating until the window is closed.
  • Surface temperature control – The surface temperature can be operated at the full 90 deg C or reduced to a maximum of 75 deg C or a maximum of 60 deg C. ( Surface temperature reduction will reduce the heating power )
  • Double panel radiator smart control – If the room temperature is within 1 deg C of the set point, the front panel only will operate. If the room temperature is more than 1 deg C from the set point, the back panel will also operate to act as a boost and re-heat the room faster.

The New Digi-Line thermostat is a double proportional band control (, accuracy possible of +/- 0.1 deg C. The room temperature is sensed below the radiator where the room air temperature is at its lowest and there is no heat from the radiator to affect the reading. Each radiator thermostat also has a radio frequency receiver built in, so central control is easy to achieve by using the optional 4 zone radio frequency central programmer.

2. The optional central programmer



The optional central programmer is battery powered and uses radio frequency signals to communicate with these electric radiators, so no wiring is required. It can be wall mounted or can free stand.

All electric radiators can have different temperature settings, and every zone can have different operating times. The central programmer is capable of separately programming up to 4 separate zones. This provides for the ultimate electric heating system with absolute control over temperatures, times and energy usage.

Radiator Control


3. Central Smart Control ( Wi-Fi )

New touchscreen radio frequency controller with Wi-Fi gateway and smart control, App available for smart phone and tablets.Compatible with Digi-line radiators

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