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Air Source Heat Pumps

Eco Boiler/Air Heat Pumps

Your energy consumption for heating will be lowered up to 75% with the use of ground source heat pumps.
Installation of a air/water heat pump can lead to your energy consumption for heating being reduced by up to 50%, in comparison to conventional heating systems.

Converts the energy of the outside air into heat and creates a comfortable temperature inside the house. Installation of a air/water heat pump can lead to your energy consumption for heating Possible to save up to 65% on heating costs.
Air source most used system for domestic properties ,you should choose a air/water heat pump if is not possible to drill in a ground probe or install a surface absorber on the property.

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  1. Air is drawn in over the evaporator, boiling the liquid refrigerant into a gas. 

  2. The gas is then compressed by an electric motor to create heat. 

  3. The heat from the compressed gas is transferred to your home heating system through the heat exchanger.

  4. Having been through the heat exchanger and having given up its heat, the gas returns to a liquid state and enters the expansion valve where it is re-cycled through the system and the process is repeated.

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Whether you are looking for an environmentally responsible way of providing central heating and hot water for a young family, planning to reduce your fuel bills for retirement or designing an eco upgrade to make your home or office more sustainable air source heat pumps are an ideal solution. Eco Air Boilers can heat water up to 70°C from air temperatures as low at -25°C. They are designed and built in the UK to offer up to 400% efficiency, generating up to 4 times the heat output of the electrical input, this is micro generation through renewable energy in your own home.

Nibe Several Pumps

Ground Source Heat Pumps

Ground source heat pumps use the soil or groundwater as the heat source. Your energy consumption for heating will be lowered by up to 75% with the use of NIBE ground source heat pumps. There is also the possibility of free cooling with ground source heat pumps.


NUOS FS – Floor Standing Unvented Cylinder With Intergrated Air Source Heat Pump

The NUOS Domestic Hot water Heat Pump is an ‘air to water’ heat pump and cylinder with a primary heat transfer coil and secondary electric element, combined in a single unit with intelligent controls. Designed for installation within a bathroom or kitchen, NUOS resembles a more traditional regular wall-hung electric water heating cylinder, both in terms of appearance and installation procedure. However, when comparing the difference in operating efficiency, energy savings of up to 67% can be achieved via the integral heat pump. Although air source heat pumps use energy to operate, usually electricity, the output produced compared to the input, known as the CoP (Coefficient of Performance) is typically tripled.

So, how does it work?

Aristan Cylinder AS2The heat from the ambient air initiates a reverse refrigeration cycle within the heat pump which collects heat energy present in the air and stores it via a vapour compression cycle. As a fan pulls the outside air over the heat exchanger within the NUOS unit, heat from the air raises the temperature of the refrigerant within the heat exchanger, changing it from a liquid state into a vapour. This is then compressed to a higher pressure and temperature, before entering the condenser that is coiled within the NUOS cylinder. The condenser operates in virtually the same way as a calorifier by transferring the heat energy from the vapour into the water store. Once the vapour has lost its heat, it is passed through an expansion valve within the heat pump and returns to its original form, ready to restart the cycle.

Something for nothing!
This process will heat the temperature of the stored water to 55°C, achieving an impressive CoP of around 3.0, e.g., 300W of electricity producing 900W of useful heat. With two thirds of the useful energy coming from ambient air, NUOS domestic hot water heat pumps are an attractive renewable option, particularly in off gas areas.

Air Source Cylinder

Intelligent Control

The NUOS intelligent control technology calculates electronically when to begin the heat pump cycle in order to achieve the desired temperature exactly at the programmed time. It does this by monitoring the air temperature and the temperature of the water already in the cylinder, calculating automatically the input necessary to raise the water to the set temperature.

The NUOS is capable of heating water to 55°C but for those occasions when hot water is required quickly or more water is being used at one time, these appliances have an integral 1.5kW back up heating element which can be used to ‘top up’ the water temperature, if necessary. Alternatively, both heat pump and heating element can function together to give even faster recovery. Although this is naturally a less energy efficient option, it is still around 30% more efficient than a standard electric water heater.

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Once the system has reached temperature, the fast mode is automatically deactivated, preventing accidental prolonged use of the immersion when not required. Periodically, an anti-bacterial function boosts the temperature of the water in the cylinder to just above 60°C to pasteurise the system.